Coaching Services
As special needs parents, we don’t have the power to make life fair but we do have the power to make life


If you are exhausted and you know it make an appointment! No really. If you are at you wits end on what to do with your child, let me help you figure it out. With this parent coaching service I will do a comprehensive assessment with you, your child, and one other caregiver in order to create an individualized care plan for your family. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help you see your child more clearly and for them to understand you better. All children are welcome for this package. I do specialize in children with Autism and behavioral challenges but children who are defiant or having risky behaviors are welcome as well. For this service I will not act as your or your child’s therapist. Instead I will help translate and transform your relationship into a more enjoyable and enriching one. Since each family is different the number of sessions is variable and will be communicated after the initial assessment. All fees are to be paid in cash as this service is not covered by insurance. Payment plans are available.

-Conversations with all of child’s caregivers (parents, nannies, BCBA, RBTs, grandparents, siblings, etc. Anyone who is involved in helping the child)
-Structured caregiver interview that highlights needed information on expectations, concerns, and data about the child from their perspective.
-Individualized plan for emergency behavior situations, creating calm down spots in the home, teaching sessions on how to make tool kits for child and parent assessing for future accommodations, proposed accommodations for school, clear instructions in “if___ then___” format for caregivers to follow with proven results.
-Resources mined for caregivers to build safety, confidence, and caring between parent and child.
-Meeting with all caregivers to deliver the plan with time for Q&A and maximum understanding of directives.
-Structured time with professional to learn how to utilize the individualized tools needed for your child.
– Space between sessions for caregiver to use and tryout all tools then reviewing and revamping of plan occurs in next session by the professional.
-Continued support after the initial plan is implemented.
-meetings with additional caregivers to implement and tweak the plan for every environment you child will inhabit.
-meetings with the client along with caregivers to facilitate communication between parties.



one time fee
  • Assessment and Behavior plan
  • Personalized coaching
  • Collaborative family coaching session



one time fee. Payment plans avaliable
  • Assessment and Behavior plan
  • Personalized coaching 2 sessions
  • Collaborative family coaching 2 sessions