Embrace the imperfection for it is what makes you uniquely amazing. -Meghan Ashley

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Therapy is the experience where we chart your path to the highest version of yourself. Feeling stuck, out of place, or overwhelmed? Let’s work with what you got to examine your perceived imperfections and highlight what makes you uniquely amazing instead. Your brave journey to love of self and others starts here. Welcome.

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Those aren’t just buzzwords or some kind of unattainable dream – you can start down that path today.

My goal as a therapist is to find solutions that work for you on an individual basis, helping you to discover the true potential of your life, so everyday can be a celebration, and feel like a real ‘breath of fresh air.’ There may be no magic button or quick-fix solution when it comes to changing things from the past that have been difficult, but what we can do is work together to find comfort and resolve in the difficult areas of your life, and the challenges you have to face. Through making changes to your thoughts, feelings, and actions you can leave therapy with proven results. We’ll be able to figure out what behaviors and/or thoughts might be holding you back from living your best life, and finding meaning in everyday situations.

Whether you’re looking for support or guidance through a particularly difficult time, or you’re open to a real change in your life and where you’re going, together, we can work to achieve dreams, and meet your goals.

There is no ‘cookie cutter’ way of doing things here at M Perfect Consulting. Each client recives a specialized plan that takes into account your individual needs so that achieving growth is the top priority.

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I created M perfect Consulting to be a place where you can lay your issues on the table and we can sort, rinse, and repeat until we find the root of why your life doesn’t look like you thought it should.

Are you sick and tired of feeling like you are drowning in various areas of your life? (needs a plan of action)
Are you ready to make serious changes to get the results you desire? (needs someone to help guide and affirm them on their path)
Are you ready for an honest and revealing look at the way your patterns have kept you from the life you deserve (needs someone to hold them accountable to who they are becoming and provide a mirror to aid in introspection)
Can you see yourself in these questions?
If so, I am so glad you are here.
I am passionate about healing the wounds of the world one session at a time. Help me help you. Click the “Make Appointment” button if you are ready for the rest of your life to be the best of your life.

I use solution focused, cognitive behavioral, applied behavior analysis, and narrative therapy techniques to help you see yourself and your situation more clearly. We often get caught up in the now and forget the road we took and the decisions we made to get us here.

The Ideal Client

Is it me you are looking for? The ideal client for this type of therapy will be ready for change and willing to reach for the life they long for. The client would be looking for a collaborative approach to their therapy where thier goals drive the work. Yes, I am the expert on psychology but you are the expert on your own perceptions, experiences, and emotions. Come see what is possible for you at M Perfect Consulting.