Adult Autism Assessments- COMING 1/2024!

Adult Autism Assessments- COMING 1/2024!

Do you have incredibly high skills in one part of your life but incredibly low skills in another?
That is so confusing, huh? I have a whole Master’s degree but I can’t tell time on a traditional clock and “simple math” is anything but simple for me. It makes me feel less than. Do you feel that way too?
Do you seem to be highly sensitive to some sensory input but very unresponsive to other sensory input? Is it hard to predict how you will react then? Does it make it difficult to know if you will like an outing or not? Does that make you not want to go?
If someone messes with your routine/your things/your schedule, is your response emotional and outside of your control? Does this feel embarrassing for you? Does it make you feel defeated when you can’t make yourself stop reacting?
Do you feel like everyone else has a special “socializing gene” that you missed out on since socializing can be confusing for you at best and torturous at worst? Or do you love people but they seem to shy away from you for some reason?

Are you Autistic?

Have you considered that you might be?
Are there other people in your family with behaviors and quirks like yours?

Do you experience your emotions intensely? Do you get giddy when there’s a highlight to your day and upset beyond reproach when there is a low? Do you know what you are feeling in any moment?

Can you focus on subjects and do deep dives into loads of information about single topics? Do you thrive on being and expert on certain things?

Do any of these questions speak to you? Do they seem like they are talking about you? You don’t have to identify with all of it to be Autistic as all Autistics are different. Sure we share similar characteristics but the way they are assembled is unique and special. If you want to understand yourself better and be able to articulate your strengths and your struggles then book an assessment today.

At M Perfect Consulting our neuro-affirming Adult Autism Assessments are guided by a thorough diagnostic interview using the MIGDAS-2 tool which is considered to be the best strength based assessment out there. *Note: This assessment’s results are not to be used for verifying a diagnosis for a disability claim or applying for programs requiring an official diagnosis. You would be more suited to get a diagnosis from a clinical psychologist instead of licensed therapist for those purposes.*

Tests include:

-An assessment of sensory profile, executive functioning, autistic psychosocial history, screening for further ADHD testing, and social responsiveness evaluation.

-A written personalized report of all findings with a separate session to discuss the findings and the implications and the diagnosis given.

-A short 1 sheet letter to explain diagnosis and ways to support client that can be given to loved ones, employers, or teachers as needed.

-A detailed collaborative sensory plan and accommodations plan for client to use in diverse life environments that is beyond the normal report of a neuropsychiatric assessment.

-Resources for aftercare including an option to become an individual therapy client with one of M Perfect Consulting’s licensed neuro-affirming providers.

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Not sure if you want to book an assessment? Take the tests below to get more clarity on what Autistic traits you have for your own validation. Self assessment is welcome and respected in the Autism community. You don’t need a full assessment to tell you what you know about yourself. The assessment is a tool for further validation and information if you are seeking it out. Only do what you feel is necessary or right for you.

Take the Autism Spectrum Quotient test HERE.

Take the RAADS-R test HERE

Take the CAT-Q test HERE